As the school year is winding down to a close I've had some personal time to reflect on life..........ok who are we kidding I've been busy as fuck.

Well the Diverse Harmony concert is over and went so much better then I had expected (which is kind of saying a lot seeing as how the only good part I was anticipating was Alexandra's) I messed up my solo the first night but I guess no one noticed, and then I was losing my voice the second night (how does Alexandra do it???). If Diverse Harmony doesn't change the rehearsal days then I'm going to have to quit, because I've been waiting to be in the Men's chorus for God knows how long and I think it's time I go play with the big kids. I'm mostly just worried about seeing the choir die. Unlike everyone else I liked Rhonda (our old director) even if our songs were cheesy and we as the chorus didn't have much input on the selection, I think the songs still made a difference and it was definitely WAY more organized.

But enough about that. One thing I must reminisce about is Alexandra's performance. I swear to "insert higher power of your choice here" that she is the most beautiful (both inside and out) person I have ever had the please and honor to meet. When she sang it's like my whole world stopped and everything was dark except the spotlight that shone down , encircling her head like a wreath of pure light.

Before she sang one of her songs she talked about losing friends and we all knew what she was talking about and at the second show I started crying because I miss Richard....I really hope he's proud of me.

I wrote something about/for her, and yes I am aware that it is corny and expected, but whatever:

All this time I've been searching for you. I didn't quite know who you were or who you were going to be, but I knew that I needed you. I needed to find someone to save me, someone to hold me.......someone to love me. And then as if descending from heaven it self, you came into my life. You are my Angel.

I know I don't know her all, and it's probably a little weird that I feel so connected to her, but it's weird when I'm with her i just want her to hold me cause when she does hug me the sense that even with everything that's going on, went on, or will go on in my life is happening for a reason and it will all be ok.

It was kind of inspired by the Sarah M. song Angel (I relate a LOT to this song), because whenever I listened to that song I realized I didn't have an angel, I didn't have a single person who I thought could show me that everything was going to be alright.

but I was wrong.