I feel sick. Not like I have a cold, but just sick. I feel so overwhelmed. I just got home from a USY (united synagogue youth) conventions and it was fun and I had a great time, but now I am home and I have to face what I have been putting off. Lyrica (school choir) is going to Vancouver Canada next weekend and I don't even know if I can get the time off of work, the diverse harmony concert is coming up so fast and I don't think we're ready at all and I just found out Chris just quit (thanks bud, that we needed any more stress, it could have waited), my new boyfriend (Yes I have a new boyfriend, and he's an amazing guy) is kind of clinging which I'm not used to and I feel that right now I need some serious space. Not because of him but because I've been feeling so stressed, and angry, and I don't think I am in right place to have a boyfriend....it's funny, all of these years I've been saying how the one thing to get me through, the one thing I really need, when I finally get it, I don't want it. I was finally getting used to being alone and I was learning to enjoy it and I dunno get to know myself I guess. Then theres my drive test I have yet to take, also since I'm going to be in Little Shop of Horrors my summer is going to be spent going from work to rehearsal from work to rehearsal, and I really don't mind that I just have so much on my plate right now and it's making me feel sick.