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To have someone like Joyce in my life.

Her and Nama(her partner) Picked me up from Diverse Harmony, and I on the way home I asked to go to the store to pick up some matzo so I could make sandwiches, so we got that then headed home.

Then as we pulled into the parking lot there was this really stupid radio commercial so I said "I hate the radio" and Joyce got realllllly offensive and started telling me how disrespectful I was and how I should just keep such rude comments to myself.

I tried to explain to her that I didn't mean to offend her or Nama and I that I just don't like the radio because they don't play what I like to hear.

She was still pissed and so she ripped the matzo out of the car and out of frustration and anger for her lack of caring for the fact that it's soo fragile I said..."What are you doing you...(I couldn't think of anything to say so I said) freak?!?" then she threw it at me.

I stayed outside for awhile to cool down and to put something in my car then she came back out to tell me to get inside the house and she was just going on and on about what a disrespectful person I am, and because I was just so upset I said "well at least I didn't throw anything at you" and she responded with " you're lucky that's all I do to you".

I hate living with her, but I can't live with my mom...and I definately can't live with my dad. I love them both but it just doesn't work.

I just wish I had a parent who I wasn't scared to live with because I was afraid of what they would do or say.

I'm on file in C.P.S because I told my guidance counselor one time about when Joyce hit me and how she's constantly saying reallllly mean stuff.

I'm not trying to complain...at all, and I'm not looking for pitty. I just hate going home to a place I hate with people who hate me.

I know I'm lucky to live the way I do because I know a lot of people have it a lot worse...I just....I dunno.

What can I say? I'm spoiled.
Hey, Zane, I've never understood this, what is Joyce to you? Your sister? A family member?
Shes my paternal aunt (dad's sister) who adopted me when I was 6....so my legal gaurdian/mother thing.
...is it weird that i kinda wanna kidnap u so u dont ever havta go back?.....