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In like October or so I sent in an audition tape for all state (it choral thing that you have to audition for, so it's kind of like gathering all of the best choir, band and orchestra kids in Washington state) not thinking I would get it, but I did, and this weekend is when it was held and I had SO much fun.

Our choral director was Andre Thomas (Andre Thomas is a composer, arranger, director and writer known for his excellence throughout the music community), and I swear to you he is one of the most amazing people I have ever met. He's got such heart for music and he's just an amazing guy.

I made SO many new friends and I miss them so much! Like Chelsea, Keegan (shut up chelsea), Cassie, Sarah, Angela, Patrick, Jenny, just TONS of people.... I even cuddled with this one guy.. He was really cute and he was in my room and we just cuddled one night and it was nice.

This experience is almost up there with Chicago....well maybe its at the same level of bitchiness, but in a different way.

I'm pretty bummed it's over....we sounded so amazing.

....now.....back to the real world.
bomb! but as amazing as chicago? wow....must've been good!